Our long awaited Ultimate VPN is finally here!! Ace Ultimate VPN is geared towards performance or heavy Internet users and offers unmetered bandwidth. Though we tagged the service beta, you should find it very stable and fast. It comes with all the features of Premium VPN and much more. It would also make you look cool 😀

Based on the feedback we have received so far from our valued customers, We have made certain changes to our service.

1. Our money back guarantee has been increased to 7 days from 3 days.
2. Torrents and P2P are allowed only on Ultimate VPN.
3. We now offer quarterly and half-yearly pricing.
4. The monthly price for the Premium VPN plan has been increased to $5.95. The effective price for the quarterly and half-yearly Premium VPN is still $5 per month. There is no change in the yearly pricing. Our payment processing fees and overheads for the Premium VPN monthly plan was too high.

We have added a new server in Netherlands for Ultimate VPN users. Please update your configuration files.

If you would like to see certain features in Ultimate VPN please let us know.

Happy ultimate surfing!