Internet has revolutionized our lives in every way imaginable. We rely on Internet for Banking, Social Networks, VOIP, Entertainment, Shopping, Filing taxes, Emails, Remote network access, Downloads, etc. Many times we access Internet over public Wi-Fi or hotspot in Airport, Coffee shop, Internet Cafe, etc. Sophisticated network analyzing and penetration testing tools like Wireshark and Kali Linux makes it very easy to analyze your traffic capturing sensitive financial and personal information resulting in identity theft and fraud.

Ace VPN hides your IP address, secures and encrypts all traffic including DNS from your device to Internet making it impossible to analyze your traffic. We use next generation military grade encryption approved for top secret communication and no logs are retained. Never again worry about Wi-Fi snooping, Firesheep, ISP spying, Eavesdropping, ISP traffic shaping Netflix and Torrents. We have it all covered.

Ace VPN is a leading, top rated and also the lowest cost VPN service provider allowing secure and unrestricted access to servers in multiple locations at no extra cost. Plans start from $5 per month. Try our technologically advanced Ultimate VPN or Premium VPN risk free with our 7 days money back guarantee. Ace VPN works with your existing Internet connection / provider in , and elsewhere and takes few minutes to setup. Think of Acevpn as an easy way of making your existing Internet service a whole lot secure and private. Hiding your IP address has never been this easy. Compare Acevpn to other VPN Providers.

Few Reasons to Choose Acevpn

1. Top Rated, Best VPN and Highest Customer Satisfaction

We are rated 4.6 of 5 by 600+ verified customers. Our service is rated directly on Google Wallet and NOT like some 3rd party or affiliate sites where VPN provider advertises their services and the VPN reviews are mostly false.

2. Super Secure, Super Private and Super Anonymous

We don’t log. We use military grade encryption to ensure secure and private communication. Our network is constantly monitored for attacks from both inside and outside the network. Keep hackers and other Internet bad guys out. Surf the Net on public Wi-Fi hotspot or from coffee shop or airport securely and without leaving any trace.

3. Fast Gigabit Servers and Industry Leading Uptime

Our servers are housed in modern datacenters and connected to routing optimized high speed Gigabit network. No matter where you are located, speed and latency will be optimized in real-time. 99.9% uptime. 24×7 support.

4. VPN Servers in 17 Countries and 36+ Locations

Access your favorite geo-restricted content and blocked web sites like Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Zattoo, Sky, Rai, Pluzz, Canalsat, Skype, Spotify, Amazon Instant Videos, Pandora, etc. Wide selection of servers to choose. Unlimited switching between servers.

5. Unblock Streaming Videos and TV Channels. Faster than VPN.

Watch and stream Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Eurosport, Sky Go, Rai, Pluzz and over 76 popular channels without buffering. Our intelligent routing allows streaming of your favorite geo-restricted sites without slowing your Internet down. Minimal configuration and works on most network connected devices, gaming consoles and computers.

6. Multiple Devices and Protocols

Your Acevpn account works on major operating systems and devices – Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablets, Routers, etc. We support OpenVPN, IPSEC IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP protocols, Stealth VPN, Smart DNS and SSL Smart DNS.

7. Lowest Price and Best Value for Money

Acevpn plans start from $5 per month or $0.15 a day. It’s cheaper than a cup of coffee. We keep our expenses low and pass on the savings to you. Don’t be fooled by our low price. No VPN provider comes close to our service offerings.

8. Surf the web without restriction

Access Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Google Voice, Instant Messengers, VOIP, TV channels, streaming videos, dating and adult sites, etc. Hide your tracks from internet monitoring and web filtering applications like Websense, Barracuda, etc. Your IP is hidden and never revealed while using our services.

9. Easy to use, Easy to install and Configure

Works through most firewalls without any special configuration. Works even if VPN protocols are blocked using Deep Packet Inspection. Free remote installation for yearly accounts.

10. Entire house or network protection

Protects your computers and network from hackers and other Internet bad guys. Our advanced firewall blocks all untrusted traffic from Internet keeping your computer and network safe.

Acevpn Servers – 17 Countries, 36+ Different Locations and growing

Phoenix, Arizona
Fremont, California
Los Angeles, California
San Diego, California
Atlanta, Georgia
Miami, Florida
Woodstock, Illinois
North Bergen, New Jersey
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Las Vegas, Nevada
Dallas, Texas
Manassas, Virginia
Seattle, Washington
MontrealHong Kong
Tokyo, Japan
South Korea
Central America

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