Acevpn IKEv2 VPN servers use Elliptic curve encryption. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to install Ace VPN connection using the IPSEC Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) protocol on Microsoft Windows 8. Installation instructions for Windows 7 is similar.


  • Download and import Acevpn Root CA.
  • Setup Windows 8 / Windows 10 Network connection.

Installation instructions

  1. Download IKEv2 certificate from Members area and save it to a temp folder eg. C:\Acevpn.

    VPN Services

    VPN Services

    Download IKEv2 certificate from

    Save certificate to temp folder eg. c:\Acevpn

  2. Open Certificate manager

    Start -> Run: mmc.exe

    Start - Run mmc command

  3. Run mmc as administrator. Hit OK

    Run mmc as administrator

  4. MMC console opens

    mmc console open

  5. Menu: File -> Add/Remove Snap-in

    mmc Add/Remove Snap-In

  6. Under Available snap-ins, select Certificates and press Add > button.

    Choose certificates and then hit Add button

  7. Select Computer Account for the certificates to manage. Press Next.

    Choose computer account

  8. Select Local Computer and press Finish.

    Choose local computer

  9. Press OK to return to the management console.
    Certificates Snap-in Selected

  10. Import the certificate:

    Select: Console Root -> Certificates (Local Computer)

  11. Continue and select: Trusted Root Certification Authorities -> Certificates.
  12. Right click on Certificates and select All Tasks -> Import

    All tasks import certificate

  13. Follow the import wizard and import your certificate normally.

    Store location local machine

    Choose certificate to import

    Place certificate in trusted root certification authorities

    Complete certificate import

    Certificate import successful dialog

    Acevpn Root CA imported

  14. Configure IKEv2 Client Connection on Windows 8

    Start: Search Network and Sharing

    Start - Search Network and Sharing

  15. In the Network and Sharing Center choose Set up a new connection or network and as a connection option select Connect to a workplace

    Set up new connection or network

    Connect to a workplace

    Create a new connection

  16. Click on Use my Internet connection (VPN)

    Use my Internet connection or VPN

  17. Input Ace VPN Server IP address. The destination name string can be chosen freely – let’s call the connection Acevpn IKEv2 Atlanta and hit Create.

    Enter Ace VPN server IP address

  18. Choose Change Adapter Settings link

    Change Adapter Settings

  19. Right click on newly created connection and choose Properties

    VPN Connection Properties

  20. Switch to Security tab. Choose Type of VPN: IKEv2, Data Encryption: Require, Authentication: Microsoft: Secured password (EAP-MSChAP v2). Leave rest to its default values.

    Security Tab - Type IKEv2, Require Encryption, EAP-MSCHAP v2

  21. Start VPN connection

    Start VPN connection

    Connect to IKEv2 connection

  22. Input your VPN username and password

    Enter VPN username and password

  23. VPN Connected. Enjoy your secure and private internet service.

    VPN Connecting

    VPN Connected

  24. Check your IP address on to confirm that your IP has changed.