Installation instructions

  • Under System Preferences open Network
  • Click + to add new connection
  • Set Interface to VPN, VPN Type to L2TP over IPsec and choose Create
  • Input Server Address and your Acevpn vpn account username
  • Choose Authentication Settings
    • Password: Input your Acevpn password
    • Shared Secret: acevpn
    • Choose OK
  • Choose Advanced
    • Enable Send all traffic over VPN connection
    • Switch to DNS tab and input Google DNS or OpenDNS IP addresses
    • Choose OK
  • Apply Settings and connect to VPN
  • Open in your browser and check your IP address


Start - Mac L2TP VPN - System Preference Network

Mac L2TP VPN - System Preference Network - Add New Connection

Mac L2TP VPN - Set Interface to L2TP VPN

Mac L2TP VPN - Input IP address and choose Authentication Settings

Mac L2TP VPN - Input Acevpn Password and L2TP secret

Mac L2TP VPN - Choose Advanced

Mac L2TP VPN - Enable Send all traffic

Mac L2TP VPN - Optional - Change DNS to Google DNS or OpenDNS

Mac L2TP VPN - Apply Settings and Test your setup