A Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses advanced encryption and tunneling to establish secure and private network connections over “third-party” public networks like coffee shop Wi-Fi hotspot, Internet cafe, etc. Any traffic going through the secure tunnel is protected against tampering and cannot be intercepted and read by someone on the Internet.

Wireshark Without VPN Username and Password
Figure 1: Wirshark Analyzing Traffic without VPN

How does it work?

VPN’s work by creating a secure tunnel to a trusted network or VPN server. All traffic from your device is encrypted and re-routed through this tunnel to the server. The server decrypts the data and sends the request to the destination server. Response from the destination server is again encrypted and sent back to your device.

Are all VPN’s secure?

No. Security researchers have reported attack on VPN services to steal encryption keys and decrypt data that does not use latest encryption techniques. Over the years, some cryptographic algorithms were  deprecated, attacked, broken or proven to be insecure. There are few well documented attacks to decrypt encrypted data. At Acevpn, we use next generation encryption ciphers to meet speed, security and scalability requirements. At this time, there are no known attacks for encryption ciphers we offer.

Can VPN Provider See My Traffic?

Yes, it is very important to choose a trusted provider. At Acevpn, we don’t log your traffic, making our service ideal for both secure and private Internet access. Read about various VPN scams and deceptive practices.

Will VPN hide my IP address?

Yes. When you connect to Acevpn, we hide your IP address and replace your ISP assigned IP address with one of our IP’s. By connecting to a server in a different geographical region, all your traffic would appear as though you are in that region. Never miss your favorite TV shows when you are away from home.

I connect to public Wi-Fi in Coffee shop, Internet cafe and Airport. Can the network operator spy my Internet activities?

When you are connected to our VPN, all they would see is garbled characters which wouldn’t make any sense. Network packet analyzers like Wireshark cannot decrypt your traffic.

My bank and other websites I visit often use https. Will I still need VPN service?

With the Heartbleed bug discovered in OpenSSL and https bug discovered in iPad, iPhone and Mac OS X Mavericks, the secure lock in the browser turned out to be not too secure after all. Many websites with sensitive personal information and VPN providers were severely affected by the bug. Acevpn adds an additional layer of security making it next to impossible for an intruder/hacker to analyze traffic.

What are other uses of a VPN Tunnel?

Learn about this at why need VPN tunnel

I am sold. I signed up for VPN. Do I still need a firewall and antivirus on my computer?

Yes, Advanced firewall on our servers stop all insecure traffic reaching your computer or network from Internet. However, we still suggest you have a good firewall and antivirus program on your computer for additional security.