There are variety of reasons to protect your data online, both personal and business. What is a VPN tunnel? How does it work? Here is what you need to know.

How many times have you clicked a YouTube link and found yourself staring at the box that says, “This content is not available in your country :/”?

What a bummer.

This video is not available in your country

ISP’s block access to content due to regulations, licensees, and censorship. Governments (like China, Russia, etc.) block entire segments of the Internet from their citizens.

Your right to information and removed restrictions is possible with VPN.

VPN Tunnel: The Basics

Recent interest in VPN tunnel is a reaction to governments and ISPs trying to restrict access to content and break privacy trust. This technology provides its users with a way to access information without tracking.

The VPN encrypts traffic and masks your privacy.

ISPs and organizations that track usage and access data, use a series of logs to create a profile. These profiles, under the guise of security, include private information such as medical reports, shopping habits and financial data. The reports even include private communication.

Collected profiles are often sold to ad companies and organizations. Some even inject software or ads into your devices without your consent or knowledge. It is a huge breach of privacy.

In short, VPN allows you to avoid these things.

VPN Tunnel: The Benefits

There are many reasons why an average Joe would want to use a VPN. The benefits include getting around Web filtering to securing file transfers on unsecured connections.

Here are a few more benefits:

Remote Access

VPN provides secure access to Internet and corporate intranet. This will allow you to continue work without compromising your security.

Increased Performance

Many ISPs throttle access to popular websites. When ISPs throttle, video buffers, page loads slow, pictures and other files fail to upload.

VPN tricks the ISP and unlocks your Internet speeds to these restricted sites and platforms. This is especially helpful if you see slower loading times or buffering with streaming video.

It goes beyond the typical Web usage, too. The increased performance helps with efficiency in business operations to academic research. Imagine how far progress is set back in these areas if we’re unable to provide timely information due to throttling!

No Logging

At Acevpn, we do not log period. No metadata logging, no tracking and no VPN scams.

The lack of logs is especially helpful if an organization requests information about its users. VPN users are in the clear because of this “blind eye” to Web traffic.

The elimination of logging will also stop targeted advertisements. Combine VPN with adblocking to remove invasive online ads.


It is your right to have privacy online.

Anonymity isn’t about masking questionable activities. It is a basic need to protect your activities that could lead to endangering your life.

Anonymity is important for:

  • Protecting your identity
  • Stopping online harassment and cyber bullying
  • Talking about personal issues

A person that has access to your personal information can use it for many nefarious things.

Malicious individuals could use the info to stir trouble, steal identity or release private and personal information to the public for revenge.

It’s Easy

Installing VPN takes a few minutes.

Download and install the VPN software (optional), configure, and connect to the VPN. It is that simple! We also offer free installation.

5 to 15: The Affordable Choice

AceVPN offers unlimited access to online content for less than the cost of a movie ticket in most places. Our $3.89/m Premium VPN or $11.67/m Ultimate VPN service offers unmetered bandwidth, no tracking, and access to several dozens of worldwide servers.

Installation is quick-and-easy.

Compare us to the competition and you’ll see why we are the go-to choice for tunnel VPN services. We can’t wait to have you on board.