Ace VPN can be installed and configured on wide variety of routers and devices. This means you can connect Gaming consoles, Digital media receivers like Apple TV, Free-To-Air or FTA receivers and other devices securely and anonymously to Internet using your wireless router even if the devices do not support wireless connection. The wireless router is configured to pick up the wireless signal from another source, which is usually a router and it does not even have to be yours!

How it works?

The client router connects to host router as though it were any other wireless client. It shares this connection through its wired switch ports, creating a new LAN; a new subnet. It appears as if the host router is directly connected to the client router’s WAN port.


Connect following devices securely and anonymously to the Internet using the wireless link even if the devices does not support wireless connection.

  • Gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, etc.
  • Digital media receivers or home entertainment device like Apple TV, Xbox 360, Mac Mini, Roku Netflix player, Western Digital TV Live Media Player, D-Link Media Lounge, Netgear Digital Entertainer HD
  • Any other devices, laptops, Wi-Fi phones, HTPC, media server etc. that connects to Internet using Ethernet or wireless adapter
  • Add wireless access to a wired peripheral
  • Extend wireless network range


Simple – 1 Router Configuration

Advanced – 2 Routers Configuration. Router runs in wireless client mode