Get super user rights

sudo su

Install the necessary binary packages.

apt-get install network-manager-openvpn network-manager-pptp openvpn

  • Click on NetworkManager icon and choose VPN Connections… then Configure VPN
  • Click on "Add" button
  • For the "Gateway" choose one of the "remote" servers in the conf file
  • For the "Type" Choose "Passwords with Certificates (TLS)"
  • Enter your assigned username and password
  • Choose the correct User Certificate, CA Certificate and Private Key (leave the Private Key Password empty). The files can be downloaded from the members area.
  • Click on the "Advanced…" button
  •  Under "General" choose Use Custom Gateway Port 443
  •  Check the "Use LZO data compression" box
  • The Network Manager handles everything including swapping the DNS routers in /etc/resolv.conf

Configure VPN

Network Connections - Add VPN

Choose VPN Connection Type

Input Acevpn connection details

Openvpn Advanced Options

Enter Ubuntu Account Password

Enter Acevpn Password

Connect to Ace VPN. Visit home page in your browser to check your public IP address. If the IP has changed your Acevpn connection is active.

Note: This would use only 1 vpn server instead of all the servers we offer. In case the gateway you added goes down or is inaccessible you will have to manually switch to a different gateway. Also its preferred to create a separate profile for each server.