Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2016-11-09T16:33:04+00:00
What payment methods do you accept? 2016-06-02T15:35:32+00:00

We accept PayPal, Bitcoins and credit card.

Can I buy VPN with Bitcoin 2016-06-02T15:31:36+00:00

Yes we accept Bitcoins. It’s 100% anonymous too. Choose Bitcoin as payment method while making the payment.

How do I cancel my vpn account? 2015-06-06T20:09:51+00:00

There is no cancellation. If your account is not renewed by due date it will expire. Can it get easier than this?

Do you auto renew VPN account? 2015-06-06T20:07:19+00:00

No, We do not auto renew. We email an invoice / renewal reminder 7 days before due date. Your account expires on due date if not renewed.

Do you block any sites? 2015-06-06T20:05:08+00:00

At this time we block only spyware, malware and phishing sites to protect our users.

How do I make Google and Yahoo search in English when connected to France or Germany VPN server? 2015-06-06T20:04:29+00:00

Please follow the instructions as mentioned in Google Yahoo search in English

Can I save username and password for automatic login with openvpn? 2016-11-09T16:33:06+00:00


Windows: The OpenVPN build we provide has save password enabled. Please refer to the blog for details –

Mac: Tunnelblick offers to save the username and password in the user’s Keychain (a secure OS X password storage facility).

I am not able to send email using Microsoft Outlook. Is Port 25 blocked? 2015-06-06T20:02:21+00:00

SMTP on port 25 is blocked to prevent abuse. Web based emails like gmail and yahoo mail should still work. You should still be able to receive email with no issues.

How do I protect my privacy with bittorrents and p2p? 2015-06-06T20:01:41+00:00

Refer Protect Privacy with P2P and Torrents article in the knowledge base.

I would like to connect to specific city with OpenVPN 2015-06-06T19:59:33+00:00

To force connect disable other servers in OpenVPN config by prefixing “remote” with “#” to read as follows

# remote IP_Address

Config can be opened in any text editor like notepad, textedit, etc.