In simple words, Acevpn’s Stealth VPN works in countries like China, etc. where VPN protocols are blocked using deep packet inspection (DPI) by changing the protocol fingerprint to make it appear like HTTPS traffic. This solution is currently in beta and works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Email us to get access.


  • Install Acevpn proxy helper
  • Connect to stealth OpenVPN config
  • Enjoy!

Windows Instructions:

  • Download and extract to a folder on your C: (eg. C:temp). Email support (at) for the file
  • Run Acevpn-obfsproxy-installer.exe and follow the instructions. Acevpn Obfsproxy installs as service and starts automatically on Windows boot
  • Copy the config file acevpn-tcp-compatible-China-stealth.ovpn to C:Program Files (x86)OpenVPNconfig . On 32bit machine, copy the file to C:Program FilesOpenVPNconfig
  • Run openvpn as administrator and connect to acevpn-tcp-compatible-China-stealth

Unzip Acevpn files to temp folder

Install Acevpn Obfsproxy

Install Acevpn Obfsproxy Complete

Acevpn Obfsproxy Service running on port 1050

Copy acevpn-tcp-compatible-china-stealth to openvpn configuration folder

Connect to acevpn-tcp-compatible-china-stealth

Connected to acevpn-tcp-compatible-china-stealth

Mac Instructions:

  • Download and extract to a folder on your desktop. Email support (at) for the file.
  • Copy the config file acevpn-tcp-compatible-China-stealth.ovpn to ~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations. ~/ is your home directory
  • Run AcevpnObfsproxy before starting Tunnelblick
  • Run Tunnelblick and connect to acevpn-tcp-compatible-China-stealth
  • Make sure you disable “Monitor Connection” under Details in your Tunnelblick menu to avoid constant restarts

Unzip Acevpn files to desktop

Copy stealth config to configurations folder

Run Acevpn Obfsproxy

Connect to stealth config

Repair permission

Disable Monitor Connection

Acevpn connected to China stealth config