The following is a step-by-step guide on how to install VPN connection using the L2TP protocol on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. L2TP VPN is built into IOS. No separate software installation is needed to setup iPhone VPN and iPad VPN.

Why run VPN on Mobile and Tablet?

  • Stop network operators snooping on your email and web traffic.
  • Access Netflix, Sky Go, HBO, BBC iPlayer and other geo-restricted videos and movies.
  • Hide IP address and protect your online privacy and security


  • Under Settings > General > VPN > Input Server IP, Username and Password.
  • For L2TP secret input acevpn
  • Connect to VPN.
  • Enjoy!

Installation instructions:

  1. Go to Settings > General > VPN

    Tap on Settings

    Tap on General

    Tap on VPN

  2. Choose Add VPN Configuration

    Choose Add VPN Configuration

  3. Input Server, Username, Password and Secret.
    • Description: Give the profile a name to identify this connection.
    • Server: Input server IP address from openvpn configuration file.
    • Username & password: Input your account details as listed on your management account.
    • Secret is acevpn
    • Hit Save.

      Input IP, Username, Password and Secret

  4. Tap on newly created profile to connect to VPN. When VPN connection is established Status shows Connected.

    iPhone L2TP VPN Connected

  5. Check your IP address on to confirm that your IP has changed.

    Hide Your IP Address