US: New VPN Servers in Los Angeles and Virginia

We have new VPN servers in Los Angeles, California and Manassas, Virginia. L.A. Server offers lower latency and good speed from China and other Asian countries. VA offers lower latency and good speed from Europe. There has been several changes, we suggest you update your config files / servers. Installation Installation instructions available at [...]

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US: New VPN server in Fremont, California

We have added a new VPN server in Fremont, California. Access is provided to all Premium and Ultimate VPN subscribers. We would like to remind P2P is strictly prohibited on Premium Plan and on any non-P2P designated servers. Legal P2P is allowed on Ultimate plan. If you have Premium account and would like to upgrade [...]

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US: New server in Los Angeles and Chicago

We have added a server in Los Angeles and replaced the existing server in Illinois with a high end server. Both servers support OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP VPN. With this addition, Acevpn subscribers have access to VPN gateways in 10 different locations around the world, 5 in USA and 5 in Europe. Premium subscription costs [...]

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