NFL Game Pass on Unblock TV

Watch NFL Games Online (NFL Game Pass) with Smart DNS / Unblock TV. Unblock TV is FREE with your VPN account and works on most Internet connected devices and operating systems. For a list of new and supported channels, refer Unblock TV Channel Guide. *NFL Game Pass is being offered for free in your territory. [...]

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New VPN servers in USA, DE, NL and New Unblock TV Channels

We have new VPN servers at 4 different locations and also added few servers for Torrents and P2P. There has been several changes, we highly recommend you update your config files / servers. VPN Servers Ultimate servers: Netherlands and Germany Ultimate and Premium servers: New Jersey, USA and Virginia, USA China VPN We had great [...]

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EU: New Ultimate server in Rotterdam, Netherlands

We have added a new Ultimate VPN server in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Access is provided to all our Ultimate VPN subscribers. If you are using Microsoft Windows please reinstall OpenVPN. Other platforms please download the new configuration files from the members area. If you are using Ace VPN on routers or other devices you will have [...]

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New VPN servers in 3 countries – USA, UK, NL

We have added new VPN servers in Tampa (Florida), Los Angeles (California), Maidenhead (UK) and Netherlands. We would like to remind P2P is strictly prohibited on Premium Plan and on any non-P2P designated servers. Legal P2P is allowed on Ultimate plan. If you have Premium account and would like to upgrade to Ultimate please contact [...]

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EU: Server in Netherlands replaced

We have replaced the server in Netherlands. Following is the speed test result. Please download the new configuration files. If you are using Ace VPN on routers or other devices you will have to manually update the IP’s from the configuration file. The installation instructions can be found at If you are using Windows [...]

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