Changes in Torrent and P2P file sharing policy

//Changes in Torrent and P2P file sharing policy

Changes in Torrent and P2P file sharing policy

We decided to block torrents and P2P file sharing on our USA and UK servers. We had too many abuse and its not viable anymore to allow P2P on USA and UK networks. It’s a shame we had to take such a drastic step but this was needed to avoid inconvenience to all our users and prevent further damage to our network.

For legal Torrents, P2P and Usenet please use the P2P config file available in the members area.

Please refer to Protect Privacy on P2P and Torrents to keep organizations and individuals from collecting data about you without your consent.

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  1. mike April 4, 2010 at 12:54 am

    you made the right decision, our country is being drastically changed here in the u.s… without commenting into the details im sure you understand the parties responsible.. its kind of scary!!! my compliments on your precise rundown of information, tech, and general tutorials here..

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