We have added 4 new servers. Details below. There has been several changes, as such we highly recommend to update the config files

Ultimate exclusive servers: Sweden and Spain. We are testing the network in Sweden. This is part of our process to offer good quality service. If we do not like the network we may discontinue it.

Ultimate and Premium Users: UK and France.

We would like to remind P2P is strictly prohibited on Premium Plan and on any non-P2P designated servers. Legal P2P is allowed on certain designated servers available exclusively to Ultimate users. If you have Premium account and would like to upgrade to Ultimate please contact us.

If you are using Microsoft Windows please reinstall OpenVPN.

Other platforms please download the new configuration files from the members area. If you are using Ace VPN on routers or other devices you will have to manually update the IP’s from the configuration file. The installation instructions are available at http://www.acevpn.com/contact-ace-vpn#kb

Thanks for choosing Acevpn.com for your Internet Privacy needs.