Last two weeks has been quite interesting. It is no secret that China, Russia and many other countries want to control the Internet and the flow of information on social media and news outlets. There has been a race among countries on who wants to ban VPN. China announced a ban on personal VPN two weeks ago and have asked ISP’s to identify and block unlicensed VPN on their network. Apple pulled VPN apps from the App store in China and now Russian censorship law bans VPN and proxy services.

Lately, VPN industry is in the media for wrong reasons – lifetime VPN, shady services that steal bandwidth, lying about traffic logging, false advertising, deceptive practices, rogue apps spreading virus and malware, free VPN provider hiring big data professionals, etc. The list does not seem to be ending. As the industry grows, so are the scams.

RestorePrivacy recently highlighted the scams that have plagued the industry. They list several companies that sold lifetime VPN accounts and later converted them to limited recurring accounts or closed doors without providing services. Now, they claim many VPN providers are lying about real server locations.

Review sites like BestVPN have immoral written all over them. These sites are filled with affiliate links sponsored by companies that pay upward of $1500 per month to get listed as top VPN. Essentially, it is a list of top 10 sponsors. Read our review on their site, it is subjective, appears to have written by someone with limited knowledge of VPN or wanted to down play us to promote their paying customers. Not everything you read on Internet is true and not everything on Internet is free.

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify our practices at Acevpn.

  • We are a no logs VPN service. We do not log period. No meta-data logging, no traffic logging, no bandwidth usage tracking. We do not have any hidden fair usage policy.
  • Our VPN servers do not store any personal identifying information (PII).
  • We respect your privacy. We do not sell any of your information to 3rd parties.
  • We offer bitcoin payment method for true anonymous payment. If you are paying with credit card, we need your billing address to process your payment and to protect ourselves from charge back.
  • We have servers in 25+ countries and 50+ locations. The locations we advertise are physical locations. We do not fake server locations. Traceroute can confirm this.
  • We offer VPN services with next gen security. Our Elliptic curve cryptography offers best security and is available on both OpenVPN and IPSEC IKEv2.
  • We offer OpenVPN and Tunnelblick software as signed and published by the developers. We do not customize nor brand the software. We also do not offer any closed source apps, black boxes, etc. that can potentially do sneaky things.
  • We publish Transparency report at
  • We do not sponsor on review sites. As expected, we are not top 1 on these sites. However, we do offer affiliate commission for every sale.
  • We offer free VPN as a way to try our services. We do not sell any information nor log any traffic.