Last few months we have been working on upgrading our network, servers and systems. Most of these upgrades were not visible to our users but they further improve user experience, speed, connectivity from China and other countries that employ Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to block VPN protocols. We are now rolling out some of these upgrades.

Stealth VPN

Stealth VPN makes VPN traffic appear like HTTPS traffic. We will be rolling out new version of Stealth VPN in coming days.

Affiliate Program

We are excited to announce our new affiliate program. Payouts are the best in the industry. Watch out for specific announcement regarding this. We are also making it easy for everybody to sign up as affiliates and to resell our services under their own brand.

New Billing System

Our existing custom built system is being replaced with a 3rd party product. This roll out will happen in the next couple of weeks. Active accounts will be migrated to the new system. You will be receiving your login information in a separate email. Our new billing system simplifies account management, signups, renewals and includes Config manager.

New Billing System VPN Management

OpenVPN Config Management

Our billing system includes a much requested feature to manage / download VPN configuration files. We are now publishing OpenVPN files on port 53, 443, 1194, 8000, 8292 and Stealth config for major operating systems and devices.

OpenVPN Config Manager

Download VPN config for torrents

API for Resellers

Another requested feature is WHMCS API for resellers to manage their customers. API simplifies account management, activation and suspension. We would be launching this shortly after we go live with our new billing system.